Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In Between Project

Project: In Between
Size: 70x70
Year Created: 2008 and still in progress

Project description: Our memory is consisted out of a number of sequences, images, that we recur to in our mind. Here, I am presenting photographs of people that are remembering certain moments from their past, and by photographing them in that particular moment these images are in between present time and the past. All the persons are asked to think about any situation from their past and after asking them I made kind of documentation of that process. While they are exposed to camera the viewer may notice face expressions which are in confrontation to each other. While they are trying to pose for camera at the same time they are deeply concentrated on their past memory. Their thoughts are exposed but not visible. It is a state of now and before, between a word and a thought, where photography is the only barrier...

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