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Dear readers, art lovers, curious people and all of you who have stumbled upon my blog-presentation.

First of all thank you for taking some of your time and looking and reading at this page. This blog is a presentation of my art works as well as commercial work that I have been doing during and after my studies.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bojana Bosnjacki (pronnounced Boiana Boshnyatchki), born and live in Belgrade, Serbia. I have graduated photography at Academy of Arts in Belgrade and I am now doing my master studies in theory of art at University of Art in Belgrade. As you will see, my main focus is on conceptual art photography. Mostly dealing with the understanding of photography as a medium in different then just an esthetic point of view. I work in series. All of my art works are made with film 35mm or 120mm.

As my job I work with other types of photography, such as fashion photography.
Aside of my photography interest, I own a vintage shop and work in a fashion industry.

For any kind of information, collaboration, comissioning - feel free to leave a comment or to contact me.



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